The first and only company working with Public School Districts in the recruitment and retention of educators.


Human E Squared ~ Effective Educators

Human Capital:  In an organization, human capital refers to the collective value of the organization's intellectual capital such as competencies, knowledge and skills, that make up the individual strength.  This capital is the organization's constantly renewable source of creativity and innovativeness and imparts it the ability to change, move and grow.  While not reflected in its financial statements, no one component of an organization can have such a significant impact upon the financial well being of the organization.  Unlike structural capital, human capital is always owned by the individuals who have it and can 'walk out the door" unless it is recorded in a tangible form, or is incorporated in the organization's procedures and structure. 

All E Squared Human Capital Solutions are designed using S.M.A.R.T.E.R. methodology

  • Strategic/specific ~ goals are priorities which are part of the big picture for your school/district as a whole.
  • Measurable ~ goals are those that we are able to know if what we are doing is making the kind of difference we wanted.
  • Attainable ~ goals which are within our ability to influence or control and are do-able with our available resources.
  • Result Based ~ goals which are targeted at specific outcomes.  Can be measured and observed.
  • Time Bound ~ goals which provide us with a time frame for achieving the goal and help to keep it a priority.
  • Ethical ~ goals which require we act in accordance with the accepted principals of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession.
  • Rewarding ~ goals which are those that benefit the organization as a whole.  

Using S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals allows you to monitor which of your efforts are making a difference and by how much. 

A Comprehensive Human Capital Management System  

This 3-part training is designed for a successful implementation and deployment.  Each training is delivered as a whole in a face to face, 1 day training then supported through a series of 4 weekly web-based trainings to answer questions and concerns that will arise.

Part 1: From Classroom to Front Office, Hiring the Leader You Need to Succeed. For Superintendents, H.R. Directors, Board Members and Principals

  • Understanding the cost.
  • Using data to understand market indicators.
  • The 4 Principals of hiring Effective Educators
  • The 4 Functions related to Effective Human Capital Management

Part 2:  Strategic Staffing For Superintendents, H.R. Directors, Board Members and Principals

  • How to stop hiring administrators and teachers and start building dynamic educational teams.
  • Great teachers' v. Great team player?
  • Prescreening for success.
  • Quantifying every hire using the E Squared Balanced Score Card.

Part 3:  Engineering a Dynamic Educational Team For Central Office and Building Level Administrators and Department Chairs. 

  • How winning teams are designed and built by intention.
  • When "buy-in" doesn't work, how to build consensus with naysayers.
  • Defining who plays on a dynamic educational team, and what they need to do for the team to win.
  • How to set a clear expectation for success.


While there is much focus on teaching there is little to no attention paid to being a true professional.  This training was specifically designed to give educators the tools they need to garner the respect they deserve.

The Effective Educator: One who Gets the Right Things Done For Leader at every level, from classroom to Central Office.

  • Managing time to better manage results
  • Focusing on results vs. work
  • Building on strength
  • Setting priorities and sticking with them
  • The value of "dissenting opinions"




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The first and only company working with Public School Districts in the recruitment and retention of educators.