The first and only company working with Public School Districts in the recruitment and retention of educators.

Outsource Recruiting

While many larger districts have a "recruiter" on their staff, despite their best efforts, you may still find yourself with positions that you can not fill.  Outsource recruiting means that you turn these opening over to us, and we work with you to put the best person in your open position.

How the process works

  • We begin by determining who it is that you are really looking for by speaking directly with the person or people who the candidate will work with.  A direct, open and honest line of communication between our recruiting staff is critical to our success.
  • We need to understand the benefits, salary, relocation allowance, holidays, staff development opportunities afforded to this position.
  • Usually we will visit the district to be able to best describe where this person will be working.  Many times we will take pictures to share with our candidates to take away some of the fear of the unknown.
  • We ask you to have ready relocation information and assistance.  This process needs to be easier, as opposed to more difficult.
  • When we have identified a candidate who we believe based on the information you have shared with us, you will receive a copy of the candidates' resume, as well as our Consultant's Overview which addresses their education, certifications, experience, significant accomplishments as well as our impressions based on our interview of the candidate.
  • We require that within 24 hours of receiving the candidate, you notify us with your intentions of interviewing or passing on the candidate.  Please note if you pass we need to understand exactly why, as it helps us refine our search process.
  • Unless your district is willing to pay to bring the candidate in, all interviews are conducted over the telephone.
  • Interviews need to be done within 24 hours of ruling a candidate in or out.  
  • Immediately after an interview we ask that the person who interviewed the candidate call us to let us know how they feel the interview went, clear up and questions or concerns, and get their general first impression.  We do the same with the candidate.
  • Since time is of the essence, we ask for districts to inform us within 24 hours of the interview if they intend to hire this person.  From the candidate side we ask them to accept an offer within a 24 hours time frame as well.
  • We ask to extend the verbal offer.  If there is a question or a concern from the candidate’s perspective, our experience in overcoming objectives will be put to use here.  
  • Once a candidate accepts the position we ask that you then send them a contract, relocation information, etc.
The first and only company working with Public School Districts in the recruitment and retention of educators.